Our Board Member

Adewale Sangowawa

Non – Executive Director

Adewale SANGOWAWA is an accomplished and highly successful banker, economist and management consultant. He studied at the University of Makerere, Uganda where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science & Economics and a Master’s Degree in Development Economics. After starting his career with the Ugandan Civil Service, Adewale Sangowawa returned to Nigeria in 1967 and worked briefly with the Central Bank of Nigeria. However he was soon attracted away by the African Development Bank (ADB) in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire and spent 28 years (1969 – 1997) on a long and glorious career with the ADB, culminating in his appointment to the post of Vice President – a post he held for 7 years. He sits and has sat on the boards of many companies and parastatals. He became director in NSI Insurance Limited in August 2011. Back

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