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Micro Insurance

NSIA Insurance offers a range of micro insurance product solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of low-income families and the most vulnerable of the poor in the population. We create products that are relevant, appropriate and affordable to meet their needs and ensure that the benefits of having them are communicated to the low income population effectively.

Our Micro insurance products provide adequate risk protection for the low-income sector through advocacy for a strong insurance culture among Nigerians and aims to help the sector protect their financial assets and effectively manage their resources for risk and social protection.

To achieve this, we are involved in building their capacities to increase their knowledge and improve their skills to become aware of the benefits of insurance for their individual lives and businesses.


The following micro insurance products are generally on offer:

  1. Micro-Endowment Life & Investment (Savings) Link Plan
  2. Term Life
  3. Credit Life
  4. Personal Accident
  5. Property Insurance
  6. Health Insurance
  7. Agriculture

Our premiums are tailored to the needs, level of income and risk of the individuals. For more micro insurance product details and indicative premium rates please reach us on our contact details below.


Our markets constitute the critical mass of advocates for micro insurance. Focus is on the retail market, cooperative societies, Microfinance banks low-income families and the most vulnerable of the poor in the population

Distribution Partners

NSIA insurance micro insurance products are typically available through a range of our distribution partners. These are mostly banks, microfinance institutions and cooperatives. Increasingly, NSIA is also partnering with telecommunication companies, retailers and consumer good companies to make micro insurance accessible to a wider audience.

We will be pleased to assist interested members of the public in purchasing our micro insurance products or in partnering with NSIA insurance for micro insurance distribution. Please contact our micro insurance team at the contact below. They will be happy to guide you to an appropriate distribution partner near you, or to enable you to become a distribution partner yourself.

Key Values

Our approach to micro insurance is based on 4 key values:

  • Passion to serve the low-income market segment
  • Quality in products and processes.
  • Fairness in pricing and customer treatment.
  • Transparency of our micro insurance approach, both to policyholders and the general public.

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