Our Board Member

Chidi Ajaere

Non – Executive Director

Chidi Ajaere is a progressive Nigerian, global entrepreneur, investor and a strong believer in the potential of Africa. He serves as the Executive Chairman of the GIG Group; an indigenous technology and intelligence-driven management company tasked with the responsibility of managing subsidiaries within the group whose respective goals are to be the best within their various industries. Under his visionary leadership, some of these subsidiaries have pioneered revolutionary technologies and caused rapid disruption in their sectors. With a combination of technological innovation, deliberate business tactics and strategies, as well as huge investment in human empowerment, he is propelling the future and evolution of a modern Africa. Chidi holds a Post Graduate degree in International Business Management from Grifith University, Australia, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Niagara College, Canada. He has attended a number of high profile leadership and management programs including an Executive Leadership Development program from the Stanford Business School. Chidi sits on the board of NSIA Insurance as well as on the board of several other companies. Back

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