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Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family would still be protected if you weren’t there to care for them financially.

We offer several types of life cover to best meet your needs, from term-life policies designed to pay off your mortgage and protect your family’s home in the event of your death to universal life cover that pays a lump sum to your survivors no matter when you die.

Life Products

Term Life Policy

Designed to offer protection for critical time periods—until minor children are self-supporting, a mortgage is paid off or other needs—our term life policy provides affordable cover for when you need it most. You set the timetable, and premiums will remain stable until the term expires.

Decreasing Need Policy

Designed to pay off a mortgage or other loans, our decreasing-need policy pays only what remains on the loan at the time of death. The amount of cover goes down as you pay down your loan, making this an affordable alternative to Level Life.

Level Life Policy

Also known as “universal life,” our level-life policy provides a fixed death benefit to protect your loved ones and comes with no expiration date. Some level life policies also come with the option of receiving distributions during your retirement years.

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